Milwordy: February Wrap-Up


Average Daily Wordcount (Week 26 Only): 4,131

Week 26 Total Wordcount: 28,920

Average Daily Wordcount (February): 2,987

February Total Wordcount: 83,646

Year Total Wordcount: 538,430

Words to go:

Year: 461,570

Previous Milwordy Wrap Ups: September. October. November. December. January.

You know, this challenge to write a million words in a year has taken me through a lot of ups and downs and everything in between. September was a time of chaotic excitement and productivity. October brought me a load of new ideas. November was a month of stagnation. December nearly had me quitting. In January, I found steadiness in my writing.

February was all of those combined.

If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, you may have missed the fact that my daily word count goal increased for the month of February. I set my monthly goal as 83,334 words for each month of the year, so obviously with a 28-day month, my daily word count was more challenging. I knew that going in. I knew it would be hard.

I don’t think I realized how hard.

My daily goal in January was 2,688 words. In February it was 2,976 words. That’s only an increase of 288 words per day, which I know doesn’t seem like a lot. But it is. The biggest problem is that it was just enough to stop me from getting extra words each day. Which meant that I could take very few breaks. In fact, I didn’t have a single day in which I didn’t write some, and only 3 days where I failed to reach my daily goal. And yet, I still only ended up with 312 extra words for the whole month of February. That’s not much for writing every single day.

The month started out really well. I was writing steadily and I was excited about what I was working on. It seemed like I could do it forever.

Readers, I could not do it forever.

My steadiness disappeared quickly and I found myself struggling to make my word count for half the month. I did it, but boy did it tire me out!

Going into March, I don’t feel like I have a lot of energy to keep this up, but I’ve come too far to quit—no matter what my tired brain tries to tell me. I’m over the halfway point. As of today, the year is officially half over! And I passed the 500k mark over a week ago. How could I even think of quitting now?

But, in order to keep going with this challenge, I think I need to make days off a priority. It’s something that I haven’t really done in this challenge for the most part, but I need to if I’m going to continue on. It’s funny, at the beginning of this challenge, I had dreams of hitting my word count every single day of the year.

What on earth was I thinking? Was I out of my mind? Bad, bad, very bad idea. We’re leaving that fantasy behind in the dust for good.

Now, I plan to try and get 3,764 words for five days of the week and take two whole days off.

Yes, I know. I just told you how hard a 2,976 daily word count goal was and now I’m talking about increasing it by nearly a thousand. But I think having two days off a week will be restorative enough to make up for it. Or at least…that’s what I’m hoping.

That’s what my focus in March is going to be. I’m going to go hard for five days and rest for two. Hopefully this isn’t something that I’m going to be calling a bad, bad, very bad idea in my March Wrap-Up, but we’ll find out together, right?

Anyway, despite my exhaustion from February, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. Not only did I manage to hit my monthly word goal for the sixth straight month and hit the half-Milwordy mark a week early, but I focused on the two projects that I’m most concerned with at the moment. I added 23,978 words to my novel about changelings (my goal was 21,000) and my outline for my April Camp NaNoWriMo novel is getting closer and closer to being ready. In March, I hope to finish the changeling novel first draft and my outline for my Camp NaNo novel.

How was February for you? I know those New Year’s resolutions get a little tougher once January passes us by, but I hope that you were able to stick to your goals and are ready to start March strong. We can do it!

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Published by Robin J

I’m an aspiring novelist who hasn’t quite figured out this whole writing thing. I’ve been scribbling down stories since I was a little kid, but only dared to dream that I could write something worth reading as I became an adult. At 33, I still feel like I have a lot of progress to make before I’m ready to try publishing, but I’m getting better every day. Typically I write Fantasy (of both the Adult and YA varieties), but I have dipped my toe in Romance and Sci-Fi. When coming up with a story to write, all I care about is that the plot grabs my attention and the characters tug at my heartstrings. The genre is an afterthought. I tend to set myself lofty goals. Mostly I fail, but occasionally I surprise myself and succeed. Either way, I enjoy being pushed beyond the limits of what I thought I could do. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish with the Milwordy challenge. I may or may not reach the full million words, but I know I’m going to learn a lot along the way. I hope you will, too!

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